About Joe

Hi there, I’m Joe Heaney. I tell stories.

I began my career as a performer and playwright and now focus on writing fiction.

My past work includes plays such as Fools & Madmen, Gil and the Wild Man, The Complete History of Walter & Edgar, and Diddy Kong Racing the Musical.

I co-wrote Kilowatt Kitchen; an educational play about saving energy and resources that has performed for thousands of students around the country.

I live in Minnesota with my wife, dog, and rabbit.

The sloth’s name is Hazel. She’s very sweet.

What’s Joe working on?

  • A sci-fi novel about a classically-trained-violinist-turned-revolutionary at the edges of human expansion.
  • A novel about the lingering effects of an obsessive father’s control over his son, who tries not to abuse the supernatural gifts that come with his family’s blood.